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posted on 2020/Mar/07 12:28

The seller toolkit for Amazon is exactly as simple as it sounds. It is a set of useful applications and tools tailored to assist merchants in making maximum profits from their product listings. Over the next few sections, we will discuss the features, perks, and tweaks of this novel application.

What Is This Product?

This is a dedicated application for merchants who want to assess certain products, check the available price points, and identify the historical changes in a product's sales rank. It is useful, easy to manage, and extremely affordable.

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How Much Should I Pay?

If you’re planning to use the fba tool kit, you’re probably wondering how much you need to shell out! Luckily, this plan is available at an extremely affordable price point starting from $5 and ranging to a whopping $1,000. Get IO Scout product research tool to find best selling products on Amazon. The plan will vary depending on the number of items you’re looking to track, the total price listings you want to check, whether you want access to the public API and more. Since there are plenty of price points available at the moment, you can always explore them before making a final pick.

What Functionalities Can I Access?

Upon subscribing to this fba tool, you’ll get to access plenty of unique offerings. Whether it’s tracking products, analysing the price, assessing the overall sales rank or anything else you can think of- this tool kit will be extremely handy with any and every need. In the following sections, we will talk about some of the best functions of this product.

Tracking Listings

If you want to check how a specific listing is faring on Amazon, this function will be certainly useful to you. Simply use this to track any number of listings you want. This does, however, have an upper limit depending on the plan you’ve opted for. As of now, you can check anything from ten to thirty thousand products each month. After tracking the products, exercise your judgment to assess whether your preferred item can indeed stand ahead amid the cut-throat competition.

Analysis of the Price

New amazon merchants often fumble when it comes to setting the price of a specific item. Luckily, the fbatoolkit will cover your needs, giving you a detailed idea about the price history and the overall cost alterations of your chosen product. This way, you will have the required clarity regarding the amount you should set and the profits you might make from the same. This analysis is equally effective for those sellers who are looking to purchase multiple units of a specific item on the portal. This way, they will get to buy the relevant item at the cheapest price available.


You’re probably more interested in selling products that can ‘actually’ generate sales. That is why it is so important to check the item’s overall sales ranking. The amazon fba toolkit will help meet your goal by providing a list of the average sales rank generated against all listings. You can also customize this by entering a specific product or category of your choice. As you add this information, you will completely understand whether your chosen product can make some money from this eCommerce portal. Either way, it is an excellent functionality for merchants across the globe.

Using This Tool

Well, as with any other product assessment software for Amazon, operating this web application is quite simple. All you need to do is check the website Next, you will have an option for subscribing to any specific plan. Explore the offerings and pick a plan of your choice. After that, enter your name, email address, and every other relevant information required by the portal. You’ll now be redirected to a window where you can directly choose a plan. Make your choice and add your banking (credit or debit card) details. Finally, once your purchase is completed you can track items, assess their overall rank, and take a peek at their pricing history as and when required. The operation is extremely simple and you’d get through this even if you’re a newbie.

Bottom Line

With some excellent features and competitive price points, this is one of the best software applications for the assessment of your preferred items. Operating it is simple, and given the number of advantages it brings to the table, we will recommend this to all Amazon merchants.

Q. Does the kit support any specific markets?

A. As of now, the tool supports global markets in America, Germany, Italy, and four other countries.

Q. Can I get a trial free of cost?

A. While you won’t get any free subscriptions, you can pick the monthly package at $5 to test how it runs.

Q. Will it have an option for cancelling a subscription?

A. As a user, you will get the entire flexibility of cancelling your package any time you deem fit. Depending on when you choose to make the annulment, you may qualify for a partial or complete refund.  

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