Best Amazon Review Checkers that will help you spot fake reviews

posted on 2020/Feb/29 14:55

Fake reviews are a plague on any marketplace. If you are buying on Amazon, fake positive reviews will give you a false impression of the product that you’re looking to buy. And if you are a seller looking for a great potential product to sell, fake reviews can be a false indicator. Either way, spotting fake reviews is of extreme importance and that is why we bring a list of the best Amazon review checkers that you should use to spot them.

What are fake reviews and why people leave them?

Fake reviews are mostly positive, 5-star reviews that paint a false picture of the product. They are left either by a seller under a fake username or by someone who hasn’t even bought a product and is acting on behalf of the seller.

The main reason why someone would want to have fake, positive reviews on his product is quite obvious. Well, to increase sales of course.

Reviews are also useful for:

  • Increasing product’s ranking
  • Increasing the ranking of the seller
  • To increase sales velocity
  • To negate the effects of real, negative reviews
  • To increase sales on the basis of social proof that fake reviews generate

While Amazon has tightened its policy concerning fake reviews, so many sellers abstain from using them, in case you want to look for them yourself there are some apps that will help you spot them.

3 best Amazon fake review checkers

While you could manually check the reviews and look for the red lights, why not save yourself the trouble and simply use any one of these handy apps on our list? Here are the 3 best tools for spotting fake reviews:


how to check amazon reviews

 ReviewMeta is a site developed with the purpose of providing customers with a better understanding and insight about the reviews on various platforms such as Amazon. The tools works by examining reviews for a certain product and creating a report that informs about the origin and nature of reviews left on that product. You can easily check any product listed on Amazon using ReviewMeta.

While Amazon is extremely careful when deciding to delete a review on the suspicion of being fake, ReviewMeta is much more aggressive when it comes to potting low-quality reviews. Of course, the tool is not perfect, so it may flag some honest reviews as fake based on the algorithm criteria.

You should use this tool as an estimator and take into account its possible margin of error. 


review checker

As the name implies, Fakespot is a tool made to spot fakes on a plethora of different e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and many others. The tool is quite easy to use. You simply enter the URL of the product into the site’s search box and it will analyze all of the product’s reviews using criteria such as:

  • Repetition of words and phrases
  • Frequency and timing of left reviews
  • Purchase history of reviewers
  • Comparing reviews with a list of verified purchases

Based on that criteria Fakespot will generate a list of possible fake reviews so that you can easily scrutinize them yourself. 

The Review Index

amazon reviews checker

The Review Index is a tool based on Neural Networks build with the purpose of detection and quantification of recurring review patterns. That way it is possible to sift through thousands of product reviews in a few minutes, which would be impossible to do manually.

The capabilities of The Review Index are a bit more basic, it doesn’t use as much rating criteria when looking for fakes, so when you analyze a certain product it will only generate a summary that will state whether or not fake review patterns have been spotted. If a product is especially fishy, Review Index goes the extra mile to call them out so that potential customers avoid that product in a wide circle.

While many people take reviews for granted, you should be aware that there are some sellers that will stop at nothing when it comes to improving their product listing. Leaving fake reviews is only one of the tactics that they employ. While sites such as Amazon are doing a great job at detecting them, some reviews still manage to slip through, but with these tools under your belt, you don’t have to worry about that.

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