Complete Merchant Words Review

posted on 2020/Feb/21 02:05

Complete Merchant Words Review

Merchant Words is one of the secret ingredients for every successful Amazon seller. Read this review to learn more about this useful tool.

Amazon sellers need to be ahead of all trends and to know the best selling products at all times. Merchant Words is one of the tools that should be in every Amazon seller’s list if they want to be ahead of the growing competition.

Its main goal is to help sellers determine what customers want and need through keyword search.

Looking for top performing products on search engines doesn’t work anymore. So, why not try a specialized keyword search tool like this one. In this Merchant Words review, we will take a look at the tool and its functionality and the ways it can help you reach more people on Amazon.

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What is Merchant Words

It is a simple keyword search tool that tells sellers what people are searching for on Amazon. It will show you the total number of searches at any given time, so you know what people need and what you can start selling. In the tool you will also get keyword variations, estimated search volume and other useful data.

How to Use Merchant Words

It’s easy to start using Merchant Words. What you need to do is open it and type in the word you are searching for. As a result, you will get an estimate of the number of times people looked for this word, its variations and the category it falls into. These are useful because they can give you some great, new product ideas. What you need to find is keywords with low competition and high search value, this is the sweet spot.

Merchant Words Features

Let’s take a look at some popular and useful Merchant Words features.

Search for Specific Terms

This functionality helps sellers get more detailed information and look deeper into any category to find the best product. It is easy to use and intuitive, plus it helps you search for specific terms on MerchantWords, Amazon and Walmart.

Marketplace Coverage

With MerchantWords you can reach your audience globally. The tool has added more marketplaces to its huge keyword databases. The best part is you can use this feature to look for keywords across languages and countries.

Filtering and Downloading

Merchant Words comes with great filtering capabilities that allow you to select different criteria and filter the results. You can also download data in a format which is suitable for offline data analysis.

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Optimization service

The optimization service also known as the listing advisor is the newest addition to MerchantWords. It has added even more value to its users. This feature helps you fully optimize your listings. A well-optimized listing in a popular category can bring you significant revenues. The optimization feature is mostly targeted at beginner sellers.

Product Search

Page 1 Product search is another great feature that saves time and helps sellers dive even deeper in their product research. Of course, every seller knows that their product has to be on the first page if they want to sell well, so if you use this feature well you can beat the competition. Currently, this option is only available in the United States but soon it will be accessible globally.

Plans & Pricing

MerchantWords offers three location-based plans - Global, US and Other Countries. All three are priced differently. However, the good news is that the pricing is flexible and it is matched to the usage. Often the company offers a Merchant Words discount which makes the software affordable.


Our final verdict is that the functionality of the tool to simplify search is great, but the data can be inaccurate. Moreover, there are new alternatives that are better and have more options to fit more specific Amazon seller needs . When it comes to the price, it is high even with a discount and the expense is hard to justify with so many better alternatives on the market. If we look at them the one that stands out is Jungle Scout. It is more reliable and accurate, has more features and in general brings better value for your money. Helium 10 is another good option to consider.

MerchantWords is really helpful, but the industry is moving fast and there are much better options on the market.

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