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posted on 2020/Feb/22 02:28

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Before you can become a successful trader, you need two important things: the right products and the right customers. Quite often, people judge differently when it comes to picking the right products.

Trust me, if you have the right products, the right customers will come along. Some sellers ascertain the right products for their business by selecting what is common in the market. I am sorry to say but that’s not enough to judge the right product for your niche. If everyone was selling the same thing, profits will be limited. First and foremost, pick a niche before narrowing it down to the products. However, this article isn’t about that.

We found out that it is very difficult to find out some information about your business manually. You’ll have to surf Google all week before getting something tangible. That’s why several online retail tools were developed to help sellers (most especially Amazon sellers) get tangible data that will improve their businesses. Searching about how to sell on Amazon, follow to learn about Amazon brand registry, Amazon listing optimization etc. One of them is Helium 10. In this article, we will be discussing explicitly on what it is, its features, benefits and setbacks.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a software product. That’s to say, it works with internet. It is either an app or a browser extension. Basically, it assists sellers with all the necessary information they need to improve their businesses on Amazon. These pieces of information vary from how to search for different concepts of products, evaluate the competition, to tracking their success in terms of keyword rankings.

Helium 10 comes with a number of features and tools which makes it outstanding and useful. Shortly after this aspect, we will look into the major features of Helium 10. It is detailed software if you are looking to get the incredibly useful information that will add value to your business on Amazon.

Many people complain of not making sales on Amazon. They get frustrated and believe that Amazon is not for everyone. Of course, they are right. Amazon is meant for people who are ready to put in the work, make enough research and offer high-quality services that will break the market.

You can’t keep following the crowd and expect to be successful. Some people have tried it and it didn’t work out. Helium 10 offers you quality information or new ideas you never would have thought for the betterment of your business on Amazon.

Important Features of Helium 10

As we mentioned earlier, Helium 10 is an all-in-one suite for Amazon sellers who are ready to improve their sales and earn more profits. Its goal is to provide all the essential items that sellers need to use to get ahead of the game. It is divided into different plans depending on the one you want. Helium 10 plan include

·        Free plan

·        A LA carte plan

·        Platinum plan

·        Diamond plan

·        Elite plan

Let’s go ahead and discuss the important features of Helium 10 (helium 10 tools) offers to Amazon sellers:

1.   Black Box

This is one sounds like something hideous. The black box contains information concerning products on Amazon. Helium 10 has got a database fully packaged with Amazon products. This is to say that you can search for new products ideas with this tool. This give room for new sellers on Amazon to find a new and productive product ideas they can add to their listing instead of picking randomly.

2.   X-ray

This is another tool Helium 10 offers that specializes in researching products on Amazon. Unlike the first one mentioned above, it carries a more detailed research on the products, examining the sales volume and competitiveness. That’s why it’s called X-ray because it brings out useful information you may never see normally.

3.   Trendster

Studying the market closely is as important as becoming a seller itself. This is because you have to stay in competition with your counterparts or else, you lose it. Trendstar helps you stay informed and alert to trends to quantify how popular your products is becoming, those in competition with it whether ahead or below in rank.

4.   Cerebro

As a seller on Amazon, there is a need to do some spying jobs. No one is an island of knowledge, right? You need to know how your competitors are making it on Amazon. This will help recreate your own strategy and stay one step ahead. With this cerebro tool, you will be able to check your keyword strategies of the competitors in your niche.

5.   Profitability calculator

This is like the normal calculator but instead of calculating arithmetic, it calculates your estimated profits. It can help you make some decisions concerning cost of products. 

Other features include helium 10 chrome extension, inventory protector and many more.


In this Helium 10 review, we have learnt about helium 10, what it means, what it does and its features. The features alone are enough to judge that it is very useful software for Amazon sellers.



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