Jungle Scout Review: Powerful Features that Make it the Best Amazon Research Tool

posted on 2020/Mar/03 21:06

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Selling on Amazon today is not as easy as it used to be decades ago. Amazon has become a vast marketplace, more people have joined the business and made it highly competitive. This means sellers have to be more creative and go beyond private labels to keep their businesses afloat on Amazon. 

Building a successful Amazon business starts with picking the right product. But considering the huge product database that the ecommerce giant has, this is one of the biggest challenges that sellers face. In this Jungle Scout review article, we take a look at Jungle Scout chrome extension software and show you how its unique features can make it easy for you to find the most appropriate products to sell on Amazon. 

Defining Jungle Scout

Amazon product research is the most important factor in the success of your business. Extensive market research and analysis is required to identify ideal products on Amazon. This is where Jungle scout comes in handy. Jungle Scout is a research tool that helps sellers: 

  • Research Amazon's product database to find the most profitable items to sell online
  • Research keywords for use in product titles and descriptions
  • Estimate monthly sales volume for different items
  • Research competition 

Top Features that Make Jungle Scout Stand Out

Commonly referred to as the Amazon research tool, Jungle Scout is endowed with great features that enable sellers get the information they need to make informed selling decisions within minutes. For sellers who use this software often, these features become solid building blocks that enable them to nurture the growth of their businesses successfully in the long run. The top features that make Jungle Scout to stand out include: 

Niche Hunter

This feature enables sellers to find ideas of the most profitable items to sell in their niche of interest. To help you find the most ideal items, this feature gives sellers the leeway to set parameters for information they wish to get about any niche they are interested in. Product search parameters include: 

  • Product category
  • Competition
  • Average price
  • Listing Quality Score (LQS) - which measures the optimum level of a listing in each niche.
  • Opportunity score – which is based on all other factors - the higher the score, the greater the opportunity .

Once these parameters are set, sellers get a list of niches keyword suggestions that enable them to find the most popular products. 

Product Tracker

The Jungle Scout product tracker is a feature that enables sellers to view the sale history of any product they are interested in. Some of the sale aspects that this features displays for sellers include: 

  • Product's price
  • Bestseller ranking
  • Customer reviews 
  • Product inventory level
  • Units sold

With this information, sellers are able to determine a product's potential to be profitable.

amazon jungle scout

Product Database

There is a record of 70+ million products from Amazon in the Jungle Scout database . Jungle scout product database makes it easy for sellers to analyze this long product list. The feature uses filters that enable sellers to select a criterion that works best for them. From the product database, sellers get access to valuable product and market information including: 

  • Product rankings
  • International marketplaces and
  • Profit calculator

Keyword Scout

Keyword research is an important contributor to the success of any Amazon business. By knowing the items that people are searching for and the keywords or phrases they use in their search, sellers are able to include items that have high demand on Amazon. 

Keyword research on Jungle Scout is based on actual demands from the Amazon community and sellers. This means the tool displays the exact keywords that customers use to find what they want.  Jungle Scout keyword scout offers sellers several benefits including:

  • Provides them with actual niche keywords that are being used in Amazon searches
  • Helps sellers understand keyword relevance
  • Enables sellers to save money on pay-per-click campaigns

The Cost 

Jungle Scout does not offer a free or a trial package. However, sellers can get the software for less than $50 per month alongside a 14-day money-back guarantee for those who do not like the tool and opt to discontinue usage. A basic cost-benefit analysis shows that Jungle Scout is a feasible option for Amazon businesses.


Launched in 2014, Jungle Scout ushered took selling on Amazon to a whole new level. Its ability to provide sellers with real data that enables them to make informed business decisions has made it the number one Amazon product research tool. Although accurate with results, Jungle Scout is only useful when sellers know exactly what they are looking for. This means having a good understanding of market trends and how Amazon works. With this foundational knowledge, utilizing Jungle Scout features to their advantage becomes easy. 

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