The complete A-Z guide on how to sell on Amazon

posted on 2020/Feb/26 19:12

how to sell on amazon for beginners

You have heard of stories about Amazon and its success in online business. There are many activities on Amazon that can get you money. One of those things includes having listing to sell on Amazon. You might wonder what it takes to start that business on Amazon. Today, please join us as we take you through how to sell on Amazon .

  1. Decide on Product to Sell - The basis for starting most businesses is to make profits. Therefore, start by deciding what to sell on the Amazon platform. First, cut a niche. It should just be any niche, and you need to take your time on the category and select the most profitable one. Once you have chosen the niche, you have to narrow down to a product that is not only profitable but less competitive, given that you may not be the only one selling it on Amazon. Several tools can help research on best niche and product for your Amazon business , such as Jungle Scout or AMZ Scout.
  2. Select Your Preferred Selling Plan - There are two categories of selling plans in Amazon. Check the new IO Scout product finder for Amazon and find the best products to sell. The first one is the individual plan, which is meant for Amazon sellers aiming to sell less than 40 products monthly. The other plan is the professional plan, whereby your target could selling over 40 products monthly. The second product selling option allows you to sell a limitless quantity of products, therefore, you have to pay a subscription of $39.99 each month. For the first option, you only pay a cent of a dollar ($0.99) for each item sold. The professional plan is the most recommended for you. One time payment every month, which means that even when you sell more, it does not eat on every sale you make.
  3. Do Your Registration And List - Create an account on Amazon Seller Central , which is the cockpit from which you manage every sale. It is a simple process, all you need to do is feed in details required in the registration form and get started on listing immediately.
  4. Listing Your Product On Amazon - Now that your account is ready, is it time to get down to business. Listing means that you add products you wish to sell on the Amazon platform. You can add the products an item after the other. You can also add the products in larger batches if you chose the Professional Selling Plan. Listing of products comes in two options. The first one is to use the same products on Amazon or add one that is not on the platform. Listing a new product may mean having to do the title and description of the product.
  5. Sell Your Products - Now that the products are listed on Amazon, it is time for you to sell. Amazon will always notify you every time payment for an order is achieved.
  6. Ship Product - When an order is placed, Amazon will reach out to you. All that remains is to sort the delivery through FBM, also referred to as Fulfilment By Merchant. You can also let Amazon do the shipping for you through FBA, also known as Fulfilment By Amazon. When a customer places an order, Amazon FBA will remove the item from the shipping you sent to their fulfillment center, and they will package it and ship it to the customer .
  7. Get Paid for Your Sales - Amazon will notify you whenever payment for your sales is done. The seller fee will have been deducted from the sale based on the selling plan you chose. Other charges that may be deducted include referral fees.

Now that you know how to sell stuff on Amazon , your worry may be about how you can turbocharge your sales. There are several things you could do, namely optimizing your products for search engines. This means using quality keywords and tags to make your product easily accessible on Amazon. Another method is to price competitively. There are multiple repricing tools online you could use, such as Feedvisor.

By now, you have known the steps it takes to sell on Amazon. All you need to do is take the necessary step to open an account on Amazon. The case is a little different for how to sell books on Amazon . For this case, go to Amazon kindle direct publishing, the steps for self-publishing are already provided. Follow them and start earning from your eBooks today.

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